Ventilation and air conditioning system

An important part of the correct and reliable operation of clean rooms is a properly selected ventilation and air conditioning system (hereinafter VCS). They are used for the needs of different types of industrial enterprises, different types of laboratories and various health care facilities.

Creating comfortable working conditions and adequate cleanliness and air in clean rooms is achieved by an air treatment system, which consists of an air treatment system, air heating and cooling system, air ducts, filter modules, control and monitoring devices. The required multiplicity of air exchange in the premises is calculated taking into account the removal of contaminants and excess heat.

For the correct preparation of air with the set parameters in most cases sectional industrial conditioners are applied. The design of the air conditioner allows to carry out all complex on-air preparation, two-stage filtration, heating and cooling, humidification and drying.

For each individual case, it is necessary to choose the desired type of installation. In the selection of the installation, you need to really imagine the costs, for example, the correct selection of energy for the heat exchanger of the air heating system, etc. You also need to properly imagine the situation of system failure and, if necessary, apply its dubbing.

In most cases, air recirculation systems are used. These systems provide cost-effective savings as they reduce energy costs. In these systems, most of the clean air circulates in a circle, which extends the life of the filter elements of air purification. In systems with air recirculation, we must not forget about the stable mixing of fresh ambient air.

Direct-flow systems are used in cases when, according to the requirements, the return of exhaust air is inadmissible. For direct-flow systems it is expedient to apply installations with an air recuperator. This type of installation allows you to extract heat from the exhaust air, which brings considerable energy savings for heating and cooling of fresh supply air.

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