Exhaust hoods

Exhaust umbrellas are used in production facilities for local removal of polluting components, excess in heat and moisture. They are used for the needs of different types of industrial enterprises, different types of laboratories and various health care facilities.

Exhaust umbrellas consist of a sealed housing (main and removable part), elements of adjustment, framing and fastening. A ventilation grille can be installed on the side of the room.

Exhaust umbrellas are mounted in the corresponding prepared openings of a false ceiling and wall designs, using the hidden fastenings.

The joints between the individual elements are additionally sealed with a silicone-based sealant with guaranteed quality.

Production of an exhaust umbrella involves selection from a wide range of sizes and is carried out individually to the needs of the Customer.

Main specifications exhaust umbrella

Standard overall dimensions

According to the technical appendix


From 200mm


In from 200mm


Galvanized metal, 0,8mm thick

Stainless metal, 0,8mm thick

Aluminum sheet, 1,2mm thick

Surface coating

Polyester powder paint

Polyester powder paint with antibacterial properties

Standard equipment

The main body

Removable lower case

Fasteners of the lower case

Sealing elements

Mechanical air flow control valve

Flange for connection to the SVC

Additional equipment

Automatic air flow control valve

Mechanical valve for constant air flow control

Duct type air purification filter

Protective ventilation grille

The elements are covered with powder paints, sintering method. Coatings characterized by superficial hardness, resistance to treatment disinfecting solutions, is not conducive to the formation of cracks and generation of microparticles from the working surface. The color of the coating can be selected according to the RAL colors for powder paint.