Speed rolling gates

High-speed rolling gates are designed to insulate and preserve the microclimate of the premises. They are used to access personnel and move materials. They are used for the needs of different types of manufacturing enterprises.

The door blocks consist of a door frame, a door leaf, a door guide and elements of door fittings. The door frame is made of power aluminum or stainless-steel profile. The door leaf is made of high-quality reinforced PVC. They provide high speed of work – to 2,5m/s.

Structural units are designed in a hygienic design, do not have sharp corners, grooves, recesses, i.e. do not contribute to the accumulation of dust, harmful particles and bacteria. Door fittings of well-known European brands are used for the production of door blocks. They are mounted on any wall partition.

The joints between the individual elements are additionally sealed with a silicone-based sealant with guaranteed quality.

Materials used for the production of door units are environmentally friendly.

The main technical characteristics of sliding door blocks

The thickness of the door elements

200 mm

Width of the door block

From 700mm ÷ 4000mm

Standard height of the door block/passage

From 1800mm ÷ 4000mm

Materials of a door frame

Aluminum anodized profile

Stainless metal, 0,8mm thick

Materials of a door guide

Power anodized aluminum profile and decorative aluminum or stainless-steel cover

Materials of a door cloth

High-quality reinforced PVC

Combination of transparent and opaque reinforced PVC

Surface coating

Polyester powder paint

Polyester powder paint with antibacterial properties

Standard equipment

The door is framed on one or two sides

Door leaf

Door guide included

Additional equipment

Elbow buttons, touch buttons, remotes, motion sensors and protection in the doorway

Extra battery for emergencies

Selector of operating modes, opening/closing speeds with access control elements

Protection in the form of bumpers for the doorway