Sliding door unit

Door blocks are designed to insulate and preserve the microclimate of the premises. They are used to access personnel and move materials. They are used for the needs of different types of industrial enterprises and various health care facilities. They are made with the increased requirements to thermal and sound insulation, and also tightness of a door cloth concerning a door box.

The door blocks consist of a door frame, a door leaf, a door guide and elements of door fittings. The door frame is made of aluminum profile with an additional protective surface coating. The door leaf consists of two externally visible elements, with the internal space between them being filled with heat-insulating material. Structural units are designed in a hygienic design, do not have sharp corners, grooves, recesses, i.e. do not contribute to the accumulation of dust, harmful particles and bacteria. Door fittings of well-known European brands are used for the production of door blocks. They are mounted on any wall partition.

Door blocks are made both continuous, and with the built-in tight double-glazed windows. The double-glazed window has a tight design and is made on the thickness of the door leaf, without protruding elements. Door blocks are made both manual (mechanical) sliding type, and automatic. Versions of hermetic and semi-hermetic type are provided.

The joints between the individual elements are additionally sealed with a silicone-based sealant with guaranteed quality.

Materials used for the production of door units are environmentally friendly.

The main technical characteristics of sliding door blocks

The thickness of the door unit


Width of the single-leaf door block

From 700mm ÷ 1800mm

Width of the double-leaf door block

From 1200mm ÷ 2200mm

Standard height of the door block/passage

From 2090mm ÷ 2500mm

Materials of a door frame

And the anodized aluminum profile

Stainless metal, 0,8mm thick

Materials of a door guide

Power aluminum anodized profile and decorative aluminum casing

Materials of a door cloth

Power aluminum anodized profile

Galvanized metal, 0,8mm thick

Galvanized metal with antibacterial PVC coating, 0,8mm thick

Stainless metal, 0,8mm thick

Aluminum sheet, 1,2mm thick

Filling of a door cloth

Mineral wool, density 120-140kg/m3

Polyurethane foam, density 40-42kg/m3

Surface coating

Polyester powder paint

Polyester powder paint with antibacterial properties

PVC with antibacterial properties

HPL-plastic, 3,0mm thick

Additional filling of a door cloth

Lead sheet (on one or two sides), 0,5-4,0mm thick, to meet the conditions of X-ray protection

Standard equipment

Door frame on one or two sides

Door leaf (deaf/window block)

Door guide included

Outer and inner handle

Hermetic double-glazed window of 600х400(h)mm

Additional equipment

Elbow buttons, touch buttons, motion sensors and protection in the doorway

Extra battery for emergencies

Selector of operating modes, opening/closing speeds with access control elements

Airtight glass package for the entire area of the door leaf

Protective overlays on a door cloth from stainless metal

Protection in the form of bumpers for the doorway

At the request of the Customer, a version of the non-standard door block, both on width and on height, without additional surcharges is possible.

The elements are covered with powder paints, sintering method. Coatings characterized by superficial hardness, resistance to treatment disinfecting solutions, is not conducive to the formation of microcracks and the generation of particulate from the working surface. The color of the coating can be selected according to the RAL colors for powder paint.