Fire boxes

In clean corridors and large production facilities, according to the design solutions, there is a need to install fire hydrants and fire extinguishers to localize fires. For these purposes, our company has developed and supplied special sealed fire boxes. They are used for the needs of different types of industrial enterprises, different types of laboratories and various health care facilities. They are made with the increased requirements to tightness.

The fire box consists of an airtight case, elements of the hidden fastening and a frame. The design of the fire box includes a window for inspection, a lock, a marking inscription, placement of a hydrant and a fire hose on an arm. Structural units are designed in a hygienic design, do not have sharp corners, grooves, recesses, i.e. do not contribute to the accumulation of dust, harmful particles and bacteria.

Production of fire boxes provides selection from a wide range of the sizes and is carried out individually to needs of the Customer.

Fire boxes are mounted on wall structures. The design of a fire box provides its installation in the corresponding prepared openings of wall designs, using the hidden fastenings.

The joints of the elements are additionally sealed with a silicone-based sealant with guaranteed quality.

The main technical characteristics of fire boxes

Standard overall dimensions



From 500mm


From 1000mm


From 300mm


Galvanized metal, 0,8mm thick

Stainless metal, 0,8mm thick

Surface coating

Polyester powder paint

Polyester powder paint with antibacterial properties

PVC with antibacterial properties

HPL-plastic, 3,0mm thick

Standard equipment

Overview window

Swivel bracket for fire hose

Marking inscription

Concealed mount

Additional equipment

Additional adjustable supports

Key lock

Frame in the form of a radial plinth

The elements are covered with powder paints, sintering method. Coatings characterized by superficial hardness, resistance to treatment dis infecting solutions, is not conducive to the formation of cracks and generation of microparticles from the working surface. The color of the coating can be selected according to the RAL colors for powder paint.