They are used to protect wall partitions from shocks and mechanical damage by transport equipment. They are used for the needs of different types of industrial enterprises, different types of laboratories and various health care facilities.

Bumpers, for production facilities, are made of stainless steel and stainless polished pipes. Bumpers for healthcare facilities are made of a special vinyl profile with an aluminum base. Structural units are designed in a hygienic design, do not have sharp corners, grooves, recesses, i.e. do not contribute to the accumulation of dust, harmful particles and bacteria.

The manufacture of bumpers involves selection from a wide range of sizes and is carried out individually to the needs of the Customer. The height of the baffles is selected taking into account the overall dimensions of the transport equipment.

Buffers are mounted in most cases on the floor space and for wall design through hidden fasteners.

The joints of the elements are additionally sealed with a silicone-based sealant with guaranteed quality.