Ventilation grilles

Ventilation grilles are used to create a harmless type of air flow in the room. Grilles are divided into main types: to create a laminar air flow, to create a turbulent air flow and to create a weakly turbulent air flow. The selection of ventilation grilles is carried out on the basis of the requirements for the cleanliness classes of the premises and the corresponding technological process. They are used for the needs of different types of industrial enterprises, different types of laboratories and various health care facilities.

Ventilation grilles are mounted on the appropriate air distributor, by hidden fasteners.

The joints between the individual elements are additionally sealed with a silicone-based sealant with guaranteed quality.

At the request of the Customer ventilating lattices, various types, can be adapted under any chosen type of the air distributor.

The main technical characteristics of ventilation grilles

Standard dimensions

According to the technical appendix

Standard types of ventilation grilles

Perforated grilles

Air dividers

Rotary air diffusers

Blind grilles

Standard filter sizes

305x305mm, 457x457mm, 305x610mm, 485×485, 510×510, 526x526mm, 610x610mm, 650x950mm, 610x1220mm


Galvanized metal, 0,8mm thick

Stainless metal, 0,8mm thick

Anodized aluminum profile

Surface coating

Polyester powder paint

Polyester powder paint with antibacterial properties

Fastening of a grill

Fully concealed mounting

Fastening by means of screws

The elements are covered with powder paints, sintering method. Coatings characterized by superficial hardness, resistance to treatment disinfecting solutions, is not conducive to the formation of cracks and generation of microparticles from the working surface. The color of the coating can be selected according to the RAL colors for powder paint.