Products made of stainless steel

Our company, more than 15 years, independently carries out all complex of works which is connected with production of various elements from stainless steel, “turnkey”, individually to needs of the Customer.

Products of PJSC SPC «Mikroklimat» are made of high-quality stainless steel from the best manufacturers in Europe. We have all the relevant documents that confirm the brand and quality of materials, so we confidently provide customers with a warranty on our products and work performed.

The main characteristics of stainless-steel products: wear resistance, strength, heat resistance, resistance to atmospheric and chemical influences. High service life of products, which is measured by several decades.

Production of elements of products is carried out on the modern equipment which is located on own production base of the enterprise.

Products are mounted on appropriately prepared structures, due to hidden fasteners, by an experienced team of installers.

Production of various products and their decorative filling, provides for selection from a wide range of sizes and is carried out individually to the needs of the Customer.

List of main products:

  • Various internal and external stairs.
  • Railings and handrails of various configurations.
  • Handrails for people with disabilities.
  • Products for pools and baths.
  • Flagpoles and flag holders.
  • Various canopies.
  • Balcony fencing.
  • Various bumpers and protection for walls and gates.
  • Elements of fences and gates, various ramps.
  • Designer bathroom dryers and heating elements.
  • Production of non-standard products.